Become Totally Focuses In Under 30 Seconds

During our day it is easy to be distracted from the most important task. When we get distracted by our inbox, social media, or falling down YouTube rabbit holes the next thing we know we have wasted a bunch of time and are way behind. Here is a simple tool I use multiple times a day. It takes less than 30 second to do. AND it will help you to be more focused and productive. I want to you have it absolutely free.



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About Gene

Gene Monterastelli is a Brooklyn based practitioner and trainer who loves helping small business owners to eliminate self-sabotage so that they can do the most valuable actions consistently. Gene believes in the importance of understanding how we feel at any given moment. When we recognize how we are feeling at the moment then it is possible for us to change how we feel so that we are more productive when we are working. Gene believes the first action we take to change our resource state will ensure the actions taken the rest of the day are our best actions.