Ep 002: How I transformed my procrastination in less than 10 minutes a morning

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I had reached breaking point. I was so tired of being productive in short bursts, only to fall right back into my old patterns of procrastination and self-sabotage.

As I was evaluating my habits and trying to get to the bottom of my stubborn resistance, I came to an amazing discovery: I wasn’t procrastinating over everything. I was procrastinating over the most important tasks.

As I dug deeper I realized the reason I was putting off my most important tasks is because subconsciously I was worried they wouldn’t work out. As a way of keeping myself “safe” I just wouldn’t start the task. If I never started it, then I could never be in danger of failing.

In the cold light of day it’s pretty obvious that this is not a winning strategy, but it made sense on a subconscious level.

That’s when I created a short process to use at the beginning of each day to clear any resistance. It changed everything! Not only did I cure my procrastination, but I started being more successful at everything I was doing.

This is the process I started using.

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