Ep 003: Stop being hijacked by your emotions – or not

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One of my clients recently said to me, “Gene, I want to be like you. I never ever want to be hijacked by my emotions again.” I was flattered by the sentiment, but I told her I was unwilling to teach her my strategy because what she was asking wasn’t possible.

It wasn’t impossible because I didn’t think she could learn, or that it was a heavily guarded productivity secret.

Instead, I explained that I get emotionally hijacked all the time. The real skill that I have developed is being able to get back on track quickly when it happens.

It wasn’t always this way. I would regularly swing being focused and productive to falling down YouTube rabbit holes. To my shock I’d realise an hour had passed and I hadn’t completed a single productive task.

This is a simple tool I use daily to help to get out of an emotional hijack so that every day is more productive.

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