Ep 014: Even though my favorite barista makes fun of me for this, it is worth doing

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Most mornings I spend a few hours working from a local coffee shop. I find that starting my working day in a third space (not my home or office) is a great way to start my day.

[Note: We will talk about why this is the case in a future episode.]

I love the staff at the coffee shop. For the early hour of the day, the crew are invariably chipper and helpful and always bring a smile to my face.

One morning I was working away and the entire staff started making fun of me because of what I was doing. Granted, what I was doing was a little odd, particularly in a public space.

As they were poking fun at me, I just smiled, waved at them, and kept on doing what I was doing.

The action I was doing is something I do every 50 minutes throughout my working day. You don’t have to participate in this silliness out in public, but you should be doing this at least once an hour from the comfort of your office or home.

It takes just 60 seconds and will make you work so much more effectively.

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