Ep 015: This 3-hour “waste of time” has rocketed my business forward

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The American astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson often talks about how children are natural born scientists in the way that they are constantly experimenting.

They think, “What happens if I hit this wooden spoon on the ground? On this pot? On the family cat?” With each strike they are learning about the world.

As time passes and we age, we do less and less experimentation. Instead we try to learn how to do things “the right way”. We create plans that have the best chance of succeeding. We aim to be super efficient and productive. We follow the directions!

Doing tasks in the optimal way is a great choice for businesses and our lives, but at a certain point it also stifles opportunities for us to create and grow.

Because this is the case I set aside three hours a week to be child-like and do experiments.

Although little usually comes of most of my experiments, this time is some of my most valuable each week.

Even if you don’t do three hours of experiments a week, I think you should be experimenting. This is why I experiment, how I experiment, and how you can add it to your productivity tool set.

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