Ep 018: Why you should employ systems (and it is NOT to avoid failure)

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If you were to tell any of my childhood teachers that one of the main reasons my clients come to me is for help with creating systems, they simply wouldn’t believe you.

As a child (and for a good portion of my adult life), you certainly wouldn’t have described me as organized or systematized. My homework was always late. I regularly lost important notes. In grade school my desk was frequently so messy that I would have to stay behind during recess to clean it up.

My daily life looks very different now as I have found my way to creating and maintaining efficient systems.

The funny thing is that people assume I was like this in childhood, when that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Today my clients think I am organized with everything. Everything has an order and place. Everything gets done on time and comes out exactly the way I want it.

It is true I am way more organized and systematized than I used to be, but my working life is far from perfect and things go wrong all the time. My systems don’t always work and I often lose my way.

But that is fine, because the goal of my systems isn’t to solve all my problems or to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Instead I have a very different goal for my systems. By aiming for something other than perfection, my systems have had a huge impact on my productivity, even when everything goes wrong.

This is how I approach systems so they are working for me and I am not being controlled by them.

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