Ep 023: It’s “do it better” not “do it right”

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Recently, at the start of one of my client coaching calls, my client “Deborah” said, “I want you to look at my website. I want to know if I have finally gotten it right.”

As a little background, for the previous three weeks we had been going back and forth via emails as she was updating her website.

She was really excited for me to see all the progress she had made. She finally felt ready to share the new website with her audience and with the wider world.

So it makes sense that she wanted to know if it was “right”.

The reality is that when we are trying to make changes of any sort, whether in our business or in other areas of life, asking if something is “right” is probably the wrong question to ask.

Instead there is a better way to evaluate your progress that both evaluates what you’ve just done AND will guide you on what you should do next.

This is that approach…

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