Ep 024: The emails that I LOVE cluttering my inbox

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With each passing day, going into my inbox feels more and more overwhelming.

There are messages that I love, like those from my current clients, people who want to hire me, and my loved ones. Then there are the messages from people pitching me to redo my website, create an app for my business, or telling me how they can fix my business.

To mitigate this feeling of overwhelm, I generally only look at my inbox a few times a day. (I will cover how to manage your inbox more effectively in a future episode.)

Even with the onslaught of so many messages, there is one person from whom I love receiving emails. Some days they send me as many as 20 emails and I always open them first.

You should also be receiving emails from this person!

This is how you can get them to email you regularly AND why you too will look forward to hearing from them.

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