Ep 008: Life is a resource management problem

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I am a dreamer. And I don’t mean that I sit around all day dreaming.

Instead, just because of the way my brain works, I always have a super long list of things I would like to do, be, see, and achieve. It seems that every time I cross one item off my list, I add another two.

Even if you don’t have an ever-expanding list of dreams, I am guessing that when it comes to doing everything you want to do in life, there never seems to be enough time.

That’s because our time, energy, and attention are limited, whereas our imagination and desires are not.

About two years ago I changed the way I dealt with my dreams and it has transformed the amount I get done and the number of dreams I am able to live.

AND it’s not about dreaming smaller or working harder. It is something else entirely. Listen here to discover the change I made.

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