Ep 021: I can’t do that! This is supposed to be hard.

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My business partner and I were self-employed in our early twenties doing full time ministry work and making just enough to get by.

There were a number of occasions when people were amazingly supportive of the work we were doing. People would buy one of our $15 tshirts for $1000. (That really happened more than once.) Or they would shake our hands after a presentation and slip us a $100 bill.

I am now successful enough that I am able to do the same sorts of things to support the people in my life.

A few weeks ago I found out a friend wasn’t starting the fall semester of her architecture degree because she was short of money. As I was trying to give her a gift to allow her to start the fall semester she said, “I can’t do that. This is supposed to be hard!”

I’m guessing you are like my friend, thinking that you should have to “work really hard” to earn your way.

That isn’t actually the case. Here is my reflection on what I think we should and, most importantly, should not do when trying to achieve success.

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