Ep 010: It is not all things in moderation, but excess in moderation instead

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One of my favorite parts of living in New York City is the dating scene.

As a general rule, NYC is a hard place to live. It is crowded, expensive, and it seems like everything takes just a little longer. At the same time, I find it an utterly magical place to live. If you love NYC the way I do, you are willing to put up with the hardships and inconveniences.

Most of the people I go on dates with also love the city. They are willing to put up with the tough parts because there is something special here for them. A job they love, a passion they are pursuing, or NYC is just in their blood.

And that means most of the women I go on dates with, regardless of our dating chemistry, are interesting people.

A number of years ago I was dating a dancer in a Broadway show, An American in Paris, which was soon to close so I went along to see her perform a number of times.

That show changed the way I buy theater tickets AND it also changed the way I set goals in my business. Even if you don’t like musicals (or theater of any type) this perspective is something that will help you set more useful goals in your business.

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